Monday, April 13, 2009

Wrong Forecast - Hey the Weathermen do it all the time

Yeah so that blog storm didn't end up coming through. I really miss my laptop and the ability to be able to sit a type wherever, whenever. My job took back their laptop, understandably. And I dropped my other laptop, possibly cracking a circuit board or something. I don't know but if it turns on about 5 min later the screen fades out to nothing.

So here I am at home with lots of fun things to talk about but I never get around to actually sitting and writing them. Hopefully I'll start getting better.

On the topic of weathermen we went to DC on Saturday for the last day of the Cherry Blossom festival. The weather forecast said it would stop raining around noon so we left around 11am for the metro expecting to emerge to sunshine. Surprise surprise the weatherman was wrong. At 1pm as we came out at the Smithsonian it was still very cold and wet.

We decided to hunt down some lunch but also wanted cover. The Smithsonian Castle Information building as a cafe so in we went, along w/ 1/2 the people in DC. Everyone was sitting on the floor eating their food. The food choices were a bit odd and none of the sandwiches were appealing - sorry I don't do pear and orange on my turkey sandwich or maple pumpkin spread w/ my ham - so I decided on a hot dog. They had salads but $9 for a small container of lettuce was too ridiculous to me. Unfortunately they ran out of hot dogs as we ordered Reese's so Mat had to go back outside to a vendor to buy ours and bring them back in.

After we ate we decided to go to the tidal basin. But quickly got cold, ok I got cold b/c I dressed expecting sunshine and 60F weather that was promised. We turned around and headed to the opposite end of the mall for the Air and Space Museum. Again most of DC was in there so it made actually seeing any exhibits a challenge. Eventually Reese got tired of being inside and wanted to see Cherry Blossoms. It was about 4 and the weather had finally started to improve. With the rain most of the blossoms were gone but it was still a nice walk down to the Jefferson.

Mat being the smart man he is realized we needed to figure out dinner, and this time we preferred not to do hot dogs. After asking for some directions we started walking and I saw the sign for the waterfront. I knew there were restaurants near where the dinner cruises leave so we started walking. Luckily not to far down we found Phillips and enjoyed a very yummy seafood buffet.

After dinner we headed back to the Jefferson for the fireworks. Mat and Reese went off to get my some coffee b/c I was cold, my feet hurt, and it let Reese run around a bit. During which I spotted some people getting married at the Jefferson. I don't know if they did the real ceremony there or not b/c it was about 3 min but I saw them kiss and then the bridal party joined them for pictures. Pretty cute idea. While waiting for Mat and Reese to come back a groundskeeper told us we wouldn't be able to see the fireworks from where we were. There were about 200 people at the Jefferson who thought they were at the right place. But after some research I figured out that the fireworks were going off . . . . . Down by Phillips where we had just walked from. :-( Back we went and we saw most of the fireworks, our view was blocked a bit by boats. Reese liked the fireworks, but the ducks were more fun.

After the show off we walked to the metro. Reese fell asleep in her stroller which was good. The trains weren't too crowded but we did encounter some rude people. A mom with two preteens who slid under me to sit in the seats directly under the sign that say those seats are for seniors or people with disabilities. Granted I am neither but everywhere else in metro to signs contain a picture or people with baby strollers as well. B/c that way you can tuck to stroller out of site. And I was raised to give my seat up to older people.

Anyway overall is was a fun day because we were all together as a family. We learned lots of good things for our next trip to DC.

Funny Reese Story - The day before Reese went upstairs in the morning to get dressed. Curious after a few minutes I went upstairs and Reese is standing in the hallway staring a the guest room. When she sees me she says "Mommy I thought there was a Bear upstairs!! But it's just Grammy snoring" This was almost as funny as when she told Grandad he like white wine "Because you're hair is white"

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