Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wedding Update

So YAY Mat and I set a date for the wedding. Super exciting but super craziness now. The wedding will be Sept 27th at Grey Rock Mansion. It's such a beautiful location, we're so happy. I picked out my dress (sorry no pics of that) and I've picked out the bridesmaid dresses. I can't put a link up for them b/c it's the Mix and Match stuff and it always default to one style :-( But they are beautiful long satin skirts w/ either a strapless or strapped(?) top in apple :-)

Reese will be my Maid of Honor and Hillary is my Matron of Honor (MOH). I also have Anne, Katy, and my sister Meg. Mat has his 2 brothers.

We've secured a photographer through a recommendation of an old friend and our friend Lyle is going to do the sound. It's amazing the people God has put into our life to help us bring together this wedding. We have a pretty small budget and we'll def go over what we originally wanted to spend, but we'd rather pay friends than strangers.

I'll try to update with more details as they come along. I've been staying up WAY to late trying to plan out details. I'm hoping I get a job sometime soon and when that happens my amount of time to plan and meet with people will decrease ALOT. Current projects include:

Guest List w/ addys
Pick/order flowers
Pick/order favors
Write: Invitation, RSVP card, Letter about kids*, and babysitting form*

*We're requesting Reese be the only child (except newborns) at the wedding so we're setting up some babysitters for people

More info later