Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This wasn't on the Mommy Application

Ok really it was b/c everyone knows part of being a parent is cleaning up the grossness. It starts as soon as they are born cause those 1st dirty diapers are the grossest things you've ever sen or smelled. And spit-up yeah I cut my hair from past my shoulders to chin length b/c Reese spit up in my hair so often I had to wash it twice a day. And I can still here Anne saying - that's what burp cloths are for. I think I'll buy her like 50 as a shower present just for that.

So dirty diapers and spit-up are super gross. And then it happens . . . you're child pukes for the first time. My first time was actually over a year ago but I was somewhat lucky. It happened in bed so I stripped off her PJ's threw them on the bed, grabbed the sheets by their corners and carried it all down to the machine in one nice stinky package.

Yesterday I was not so lucky. Reese was complaining the whole way home of a tummy ache. We were about 1 mile from home when suddenly Reese coughed a few times and out it came. All over her coat and seat. At that moment I was sooo glad for the eddie bauer seat protector under her car seat. But that happiness quickly faded as more puke came out and this time she turned her head b/c she was so upset. I drive as quickly as I could to get home got her inside and in the tub. Once she was clean she was back to her happy self. She didn't eat much dinner and went to bed 1/2 an hour early but she appeared to be feeling better.

I however didn't get to go to bed. Instead of my easy picking up the corners of the sheets I had to clean puke from my car. It was on the carpet, btwn the sheets, everywhere. And of course it was dark and there was snow on the ground so it was a bit cold. I guess the cold was good b/c in heat the smell is even worse. But it was not a fun job.

We woke up this morning and she said she felt better. I was ready to take her to school so I could get some work done. I am the only member of my team who's been in the office for almost a week so doing 3 peoples worth of work has kept me busy. Reese was sitting on my lap putting on her shoes when suddenly she said "Mommy I'm going pee-pee on your leg" This semed like a funny thing to say since she's well potty trained but sure enough I felt something warm on my leg. It wasn't pee but definately liquid.

So needless to say we stayed home today. A few bouts of "upset tummy poop" as we called it with a pullup on for protection (I don't like scrubbing underware) but we've been good since nap time. So hopefully this was a quick bug. I will say for being sick Reese had 3 times as much energy as normal. Even my mom was amazed I was still functioning after playing with her all day.

We did some home work to take into school tomorrow. She's so proud of her rhyming words picture to give to her teacher. And I am proud of myself for making up some sort of lesson off the fly so we had some structure today.

And now I am heading to bed b/c tomorrow will be a LONG day. But I am meeting with a realtor to start getting more info on buying houses and our options.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wedding Planning

Since I keep getting asked about the wedding plans I figured I put up a blog about it. Mat and I are pretty sure we found a place. Thanks in HUGE part to Wes Linda who put us in contact with Grey Rock Mansion (he designed their awesome website). We haven't set a date but it's still sometime in Sept or October in 2009.

I'm hoping to start dress shopping in the next few weeks, although I still have lots of weight I want to loose before the wedding so prob won't buy anything now.

I'm having trouble picking bridesmaid dresses. I thought I found a dress I liked but on Anne in MA it didn't look like I though it would. She found a diff dress that we liked but now David's changed their styles. Now I found 3 other dresses I like as well :-( I need to drag Hills out and see them on her. My big dilemmas . . Short or long? Mix and match or 1 dress for everyone? Color . . Apple, Marnie, or Black. The wedding will be in the late afternoon to evening of the fall. Maybe I'll put up a poll.

Flowers - I have thought about doing my own flowers. I watch Martha Stewart do it today on TV so how hard could it be. But the stress of that and trying to do corsages and boutonnieres kinda scares me. Doesn't mean it's not an option, just not my favorite option right now. Diane at Grey Rock gave m the names of 2 florists or suggested going w/ a grocery store which may be an option.

Living arrangements - Mat and I have decided we're moving to Frederick. It will be nice to keep Reese in her same Day Care and we'll save several hundred dollars a month in gas money with me not commuting for work. We're sad to be far away from our friends so if any of them want to pay for my gas we'll consider other towns ;-) Another perk is Frederick has some really great schools and Reese can go to any of them no matter where we live. Since she's enrolled in KinderCare and they have thier own bus, as long as a school isn't full and KinderCare will drop her off and pick her up, she can go there. It's a pretty sweet deal.

Hmm I'm sure there are other details I'm leaving out but I'll try to update more frequently. Right now I know there are things I should do but I feel like I can't do 1/2 until we set a date and the other 1/2 until I pick a dress. Oh well the 1st one will be done in a few weeks I hope, and the second soon after.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Night Time Chit Chats

I love when Reese's bed time routine goes as planned. Watch a cartoon show and cuddle to settle down then up to bed to read 2-3 stories and few minutes later she's out. It's wonderful and I love my 45 minutes of Mommy Reese time. Some nights don't always go as planned, like last night.

My poor little Reese-cup could not get her brain to stop working. We all have night like that but it's def frustrating as a mom waiting for your kids to settle down enough to fall asleep. So I decided to let her talk to me and tell me what was on her mind to help get her ready for bed. The conversation that came out made me so proud and SOO happy I let her talk.

"Mommy, I'm pretty"
"Yes you are"
"God made me so I'm pretty"
"Yes God did make you and that is beautiful"
"God made Jesus, and he loves me. Jesus lives in my heart. But right now he's in my belly, and he's not ready to come out." (too much time around Aunt Hillary influenced that last comment I think)

I love my little girl and moments like that are all the reasoning I need when someone wonders why I will sit in her room for 30 min reading her stories and watching her fall asleep.