Monday, December 29, 2008

Yes I'm still alive

Ok so wow I suck at updating this thing. Lots of fun stuff has been happening though. And now that's it's calmed down maybe I will update more.

So Reese took her 1st plane trip back in November. We flew up to MA to visit Anne. It was super fun and she loved the plane ride. While there we went to the Science Museum, did lots of shopping, and checked out a local winery.

Of course we both missed Mat tons while we were gone. After coming back Mat planned a surprise dinner for us. We try to go out once a month on a "date" without the kid. The surprise was that he took me back to the restaurant we went to on our 1st date when we met. Dinner was delicious and definitely a little less awkward than the 1st time we went. It was followed by an amazing dessert of huge pieces of dark and white chocolate fudge. Or at least I thought so, until I saw Mat's plate didn't have any white chocolate. And the white chocolate was kinda shaped like a box, a ring box. When I finally put it together Mat was getting on his knee and saying wonderful things that ended with asking me to marry him. Of course I said yes.

Much to Hillary's dismay we went back to my parents house to enjoy some Champagne and celebrating. Wedding planning has been going well and I'll keep updating on that. We're planning for Fall 2009 but no set date yet.

Christmas was tons of fun with lots of visits to see Santa. I will get some more pics from that and post again soon. But here is a cute video of Reese singing Jingle Bells