Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

OK I still owe a blog about NY and I am working on it but I'm gonna update about this week real quick b/c it was a good week.

Reese has been working on potty training but not really pushing her to much. Thursday night she did really well using the potty so I decided to send her to school Friday in her big girl undies instead of a diaper. I sent three changes of clothes just in case as well. When I came back at the end of the day she was still in the same outfit. No accidents, even during nap time. we continued at home and made it all day w/ no accidents. Saturday Mat and I took her to the National Zoo, Mat hadn't been since he was a kid. I was worried about no diapers but luckily we made it through the day w/ only one accident at the zoo (and one at home as well). Today we tried for day three. We went to Hillary's house for Neil's 31st b-day party. I kept getting distracted by hanging out w/ people to remind her to go potty and she was distracted playing with friends. So we had a couple accidents. But I am still very proud of my little lady.

Thursday was a big day besides using the potty lots. I received a letter from the courthouse saying her name change was complete. Her legal name is now Reese Elizabeth Stewart!!!! Big mistake giving her Jonathan's name. One of many but relatively easy to fix. Now I get some practice for the LONG process after your name changes. It will come in handy after I'm married I'll know who needs to be notified. Reese may not have bank accounts or a drivers license but there is still social security, the courts, doctors, school ,etc. Also good practice since her name may change again if things go the way we hope.

Last exciting event of the week: Friday was the last day of the summer program at Reese's school. When I picked her up we went to the 2yr old classroom to get stuff out of her cubby. She spend her time 1/2 and 1/2 btwn the 2yr old and 3 yr old classroom so at the end of the day she's usually in the 3yr old room which is the pre-school room. Her cubby wasn't there anymore. Well the cubby was but the box with her name on it was gone. I went back to the 3yr old room and asked if they knew what happened. They said Reese had been moved up for the school year. This is super exciting b/c she doesn't turn 3 til Feb so they could have made her wait till next year to start in the pre-school room. Even in the 2yr old room they do pre-school like learning letters, numbers, writing, animals, plants, people, etc. But they do more in the older classrooms and really start practicing sitting and listening to a teacher. So it's very exciting that Reese gets to start Pre-School tomorrow!!!

OK so that was our awesome weekend. No funny Reese story since the whole blog is about her :-)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Quick Update

Ok so just giving everyone a quick update on things going on around here.

1. Work is going really well. I am currently on to of the big projects we have going on and I've been making alot of progress w/ my team lead Cindy. Hopefully this will be remembered come evaluation time in the Fall. it sucks not being to talk to much about my work but first of all most people would think it was boring b/c they don;t like science. Also we are working with an undisclosed company so everything is very hush hush. I can say we are making awesome progress and getting ready to actually start putting products in hospitals for research use. Silly FDA approval may take some more time. It very exciting as I see my stock options starting to be worth more and more (only in my mind though b/c no one can really put a dollar amount on it right now).

2. Reese, Mat, and I are leaving Thurs to go to NY to meet his family. Nervous? Me? Ummm yeah but not really. I know he loves me and I want his family to like me and be happy for him. I mean no one wants future in-laws that don't like you. (BTW no not engaged yet but sometime btwn now and April 19th 2009 )

3. Things with Jonathan are same as always. Still no child support, the sheriff still can't find him. I even offered to give Jonathan $20 for gas for him to drive to pick up the paperwork b/c he said that was his excuse and he still didn't do it. (he really doesn't live that far away, prob would only cost him like $8 in gas). I am contacting my lawyer to find out about having parental rights removed. I didn't think it was an option but I read about it last night. If he shows disinterest in her and no signs of trying to raise and care for her than I might be able to get it. Since he's only seen her maybe 5 times in her life and never really tried to support her I think I have a good case.

4. Reese is getting so big and way to smart. At school they are learning Spansih and it's so cute when she signs her Hola song or tells me "Red in Spanish is Rojo" I am trying to help her practice at home but since I haven't spoken Spanish since grade school and learned french instead it's a little hard but still good for her. They spent the summer learning about sports and being healthy b/c of the Olympics which was really cute. Potty training is going. I'm not pushing super hard but we do go as soon as we wake up, after dinner, and before bed. Although sometimes it's just trying b/c she already went in her diaper before we got to the potty. At school Ms. Gina takes Reese more often and Reese's friend Olivia just got potty trained so we are hoping Reese will want big girl panties just like Olivia. Reese really likes Mat and asks about him all the time. If we see a red truck on the road Reese gets really excited b/c she thinks it's Mat and very sad when it's not him. She constantly takes my phone or her play phone and calls mat. She also now calls Sami. They are getting very cute together and I hope they will be close as they grow up. Hopefully we can get some more play sessions planned in the fall.

Ok I guess I am finished updating for now. Really my purpose in the update was to be able to say ANNE??? HILLARY??? KATY??? any of you think you might want to write a blog. Two of you are pregnant, one just finished moving, one is still finishing her house, one lives far far away and needs to keep us more updated, and all three of you are slacking (J/K)

Funny Reese Moment: Last night Reese was watching Finding Nemo on the Disney Channel while Mom and I sat in the kitchen talking. All of a sudden Reese calls and asks me to come in. commercials had come on and she wanted me to turn then off (fast-forward). it's a little scary when she already gets that concept. She calls all remotes TiVo's, sometimes she asks for movies but more often it's for a DVD, and when she types on her keyboard I gave her for a toy she tells me she is emailing Super Jon (My older brother). Scary how she already is so comfortable with all the technology around us, and my Mom still isn't ;-)